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What you need to know about ‘losing the last five kilos’

The new year has well and truly started and if your goal is to lose weight, you should be well on your way.

But is there a little bit of weight you just can’t shed?

Dietician and author, Susie Burrell, joins Chris Smith to explain why this may be happening and shares the top tips from her new book Losing the Last 5kg.

“It’s not about a diet, it’s about the tips to help us control our weight.

“If your goal is to lose that last few kilos, why perhaps have you not been losing it? Is it worth trying fasting? Is timing of your meals important? It’s those real dietic aspects.”

Susie says socialising is an important part of the weight loss conversation.

“We eat food in a social environment and we’re heavily influenced by those around us whether it’s at work or at home.”

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You can find Susie’s new book on Booktopia.