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What to expect from the NBN

Steve Price

Millions of households and businesses have already shifted over to the NBN and many aren’t happy.

So what’s in store for those who haven’t made the switch yet?

Director of Fixed Products at Telstra, Jana Kotatko, tells Steve Price the type of service you get depends on your address.

“I can’t tell you today what the maximum speed is that we can deliver you on the NBN. I can’t get that information from the NBN.

“It’s only until we move you over that I can then say…this is the speed you’re getting and therefore this is the speed tier you should be on.”

Ms Katatko says consumers shouldn’t be paying more to use the NBN.

“Everyone is sharpening their pencils to make sure that their customers get the best deals.

“If you’re just choosing to move what you have over…to the NBN, that shouldn’t cost you any more.”

Ms Katatko urges residents to do their research and inform themselves before deciding on a provider.

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