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What to do if your house was a meth lab

Listener Greg emailed Ray after finding out his dream home is infested with methamphetamine.

The 14-year-old home in Wollongong was once used as a meth lab and has traces of the drug throughout the house.

Greg has a two-year-old-son and says the home is unliveable, with quotes for the clean up around $30,000.

“The dangers are skin rashes, loss of breath.

“Insurance has refused to cover. Real estate deny all knowledge of it.”

Greg’s call prompted Ahmed to phone Ray as well. Ahmed is the owner of Living Fresh, a business which detects and cleans meth-infested homes.

He admits previous technology meant the cleanup process was lengthy and expensive but says there is new technology on the market from the US.

“It was originally produced by the military to decontaminate anthrax.

“It knocks out the meth and leaves nothing behind.”

A third caller rang in and told Ray meth will stay inside a building for up to 15 years.

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