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What made this Australian NBA star return home

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Star Sydney Kings recruit, Andrew Bogut, returns home after an impressive 13 seasons in the NBA.

Bogut returns to Australia for the first time in well over a decade to headline for the Sydney Kings in the upcoming NBL season.

“The NBA is great, it’s the pinnacle for basketball players, so to be able to experience that for 13 years was obviously, you can’t even call it a dream come true, more a fantasy come true,” Bogut tells Chris Smith.

However, after travelling a lot with the NBA and missing valuable family time, Bogut tells Chris Smith, “I just want to get back to some normality, I’ve got two young kids… so I decided to come back home”.

After signing a two-year deal with the Sydney Kings and announcing his retirement from the NBA, Bogut tells Chris he hopes to get the NBL “back to what it was 10, 15 years ago”.

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Photo: Twitter / @andrewbogut