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‘What a nasty piece of work’: Chris Smith slams Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘childish’ comments

Chris Smith has slammed Malcolm Turnbull as “hypocritical” after leaked audio emerged of the former prime minister hitting out at Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.

The audio was recorded while Mr Turnbull was addressing a group of young leaders in New York on Friday.

In the clip, Mr Turnbull can be heard describing Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott – both former leaders of the nation – as “miserable ghosts”.

“When you stop being prime minister, that’s it,” he said.

“There is no way I would be hanging around embittered like Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott.

“Seriously these people are like, sort of miserable, miserable ghosts. Move on.”

Mr Turnbull also took aim at the media and members within the Liberal Party, saying they wanted to “blow the government up” for reasons they haven’t explained.

Chris Smith has slammed Mr Turnbull’s comments as “childish”.

“What a nasty piece of work. Whether you like them or not, to call both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott ‘miserable ghosts’… it’s just childish.

“If it wasn’t clear before it’s abundantly clear now why his colleagues didn’t want him in the top job anymore. He’s full of himself.

“That’s not the character of a true leader. How hypocritical of him as well to point the finger and accuse his predecessors of being vengeful and full of hate when that’s exactly what he’s doing now and what he did when he was Communications Minister!”

Chris says the former PM can’t take the high moral ground when he’s “leaking, sniping, undermining” from half way across the world.

“Would he just please take a hint from the rest of us? Go away.”

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