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‘We’re not allowed to talk about it’: Uni professor speaks out about risk of Chinese students

A Sydney University academic board member has spoken out about worrying numbers of Chinese students at Australian universities.

Professor Salvatore Barbones has written a research paper that highlights the significant financial risk caused by a reliance on international students.

The research suggests universities rake in about $35 billion from foreign students, with the Chinese making up about 40 per cent of that market.

Syndey Uni, UNSW and UTS are among the seven Australian universities described as having “high levels of exposure to the Chinese market”.

Professor Barbones tells Alan Jones he’s tried to warn universities but says they aren’t listening.

“We’ve been discussing how University of Sydney can diversify away from Chinese students and I said, ‘the only way to diversify is to reduce the number.'”

“They said they’re going to look to India instead and I that’s just not possible, India’s too poor.

“If you want international students, that means China, and we simply have too many international students.”

Professor Barbones is an academic board member at Sydney Uni and says there are other concerns with international students.

“Everyone who comes to the university must be able to speak English. We know for a fact they don’t speak English and they still got in.

“But we’re not allowed to talk about it.

“The left-wing propaganda at the University of Sydney is extreme.”

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