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‘Welcome to the real world Dominic!’ Chris Smith takes aim at NSW Treasurer

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Chris Smith has taken aim at state Treasurer Dominic Perrottet after a messy internal brawl threatened to destabilise the NSW Liberal party.

Late last week, Mr Perrottett announced he would challenge frontbench colleague Ray Williams for the seat of Castle Hill.

Mr Williams wasn’t having it and dug his heels in, sparking an internal battle that spilled into the public domain.

Mr Perrottet, who is the member for Hawkesbury, has since backed off and has agreed to put himself forward for the seat of Epping instead.

But it’s the Treasurer’s reasoning behind the Castle Hill challenge that has Chris fired up.

Mr Perrottet said he wanted to move out of his Hawkesbury electorate because of a lengthy commute.

“He explains with his growing family and growing responsibilities in government, the 40km commute has become too much for him,” Chris says.

“He says he’s been unable to spend any quality time with his family.

“Well, welcome to the real world Dominic Perrottet. Welcome to what we all have to put up with.”

Chris points out there are plenty of New South Wales residents who have it a whole lot worse, with some having to travel over two hours a day to get to work.

“It is so entitled and selfish it’s not funny!”

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