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‘We have an obligation’, reason for not taking advantage of Australian resources says Craig Kelly

Close to 300,000 people were left in the dark last year because they couldn’t afford to pay their electricity bill.

Ben Fordham says the federal government seems to have “too many slow learners” and is calling on government to make power affordable.

It also has Ben questioning the use of Australian natural resources.

“We’ve got the best access to natural resources in the world but we’ve got the most pressure on us not to use them?”

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly tells Ben Australia “has the greatest obligations” under the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

“We have an obligation… we’ve got to do it in a way that has the least cost to the Australian economy.

As for a carbon tax on cars, Mr Kelly says over his dead body.

“A few of us have said it’ll be over our dead bodies before such a policy is inflicted on the Australian population.”

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