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WATCH | Who’s at fault? Dash cam footage divides the nation

Aussies can’t seem to make up their minds about who’s at fault in controversial dashcam footage that shows a collision between two drivers on a roundabout.

The divisive crash occurred in Ingleburn in April, and has caused a fair few heated arguments online.

The video shows the dash cam driver entering the roundabout and being cut off by a red BMW, who tries to exit to the left.

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CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation Russell White tells Ben Fordham the red BMW is at fault, and that it’s all about paying attention to the line markings.

“One of the issues is the design of the roundabout, when you first look at it, is actually a little bit deceiving.”

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NSW Transport has also confirmed the red BMW is to blame, as it tried to turn left from a lane where you can only turn right or go straight.