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WATCH | Truck drags car 10 metres, who’s in the wrong?

An impatient Mini Cooper has been dragged 10 metres by a truck after trying to merge.

The incident happened at the Sam Johnson Way and Epping Road intersection in Sydney’s Lane Cove.

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The footage shows a blue Mini Cooper travelling north in the left turn lane.

The driver then tries to get in front of the truck on the right without indicating, but while the car is halfway into the lane, the truck takes off.

Shockingly, neither vehicle stop.

The video, first posted on Facebook, has garnered a range of comments, many defending the truckie’s actions.

“Sorry but in this case the Mini was 100% at fault, trying to cut in where the truck driver had no idea.”

“I have been in trucks and you can’t see cars under your nose. Driver probably didn’t even know car was there.”