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WATCH | Peter Beattie’s latest stuff up at the NRL Hall of Fame ceremony

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Peter Beattie, the head of Rugby League in Australia, has had yet another major stuff up.

The NRL hosted its prestigious Hall of Fame ceremony in Sydney last night, inducting four players and, for the first time ever, three contributors.

Among those was the game’s founding administrator, the man the NRL’s minor premiership shield is named after, JJ Giltinan.

ARL Commission Chairman Peter Beattie stuffed up his name not once, not twice, but THREE times as he announcing his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Mr Beattie’s has form in this area and his latest stuff up couldn’t have happened in a worse place, in front of the who’s who of Rugby League.

Leading journalist Dean ‘Bulldog’ Ritchie was one of many to call out the error online.

In March 2018, immediately after being appointed to the highest position in Rugby League, Peter Beattie was caught out on live television.

Given a multiple-choice question, asking whether the team from Cronulla is the Hawks, Sea Gulls or the Sharks he said “I wouldn’t have a bloody clue”.

And he’s also been caught on live TV confusing a Barcelona soccer jersey for a Newcastle Knights jersey.

Alan Jones says enough is enough and is calling for Mr Beattie to resign immediately.

“It’s always been a mystery to me how he has become the boss, the head honcho, of Rugby League.

“Quite frankly Peter, you should resign today. You’re out of your depth!”

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Ray Hadley was at the ceremony, asked to speak about another of the inductees, the late Peter ‘Chippy’ Frilingos.

Ray was sitting next to senior NRL executives who were “looking around at each other scratching their heads” in embarrassment at Mr Beattie’s gaffe.

“His knowledge is appalling and it’s not the first time we’ve seen it,” says Ray.

“How can you be the head of a game and be so unprepared at such a special night that you don’t know one of the inductees into the Hall of Fame and how to say his name.

“It’s just not good enough!”

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