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WATCH | Heroic cops pull man from burning car

Two police officers are being hailed as heroes after they rescued a man who was trapped inside his burning car at Gympie, north of Brisbane.

Shortly after 7am on Wednesday, the officers were called to reports of a single-vehicle crash on Chapple Street.

When they arrived, they found a 73-year-old man trapped inside the car which had rolled onto its side.

Incredible dashcam footage shows the two officers, Constable Jeremy Gardiol and Senior Constable Kevin Mayo, kicking in the windscreen and using their batons to smash the glass before pulling the man from the wreck.

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The quick-thinking officers then put the man in the back of their police car and reversed away from the scene seconds before the car exploded into flames.

The 73-year-old man was taken to Gympie Hospital with minor head injuries.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, Constable Gardiol says, “We didn’t think about anything else other than getting him out alive”.