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WATCH | Dashcam shows scary close call on our country roads

Dashcam footage has captured an extremely dangerous incident on a country road south of Sydney.

NSW Police were sent footage from a truck driving along Jerrara Rd, between Bungonia and South Marulan, near Goulburn.

The video shows a car pulling a trailer and narrowly escaping a head-on crash with the truck while overtaking another driver.

Police shared the video with a very important message for motorists on the roads this Summer.

“Today the road toll is at 330 lives lost on our roads. That is 11 more than this time last year. That is 155 Drivers, 63 Motorcyclists, 55 Passengers, 12 Cyclists, and 45 pedestrians, whose families will grieve this Christmas. That is also 260 males, and 70 females, who we will sadly miss over what should be a happy and festive time.

This video has been sent to us overnight, which highlights the risks that some people take on our roads. As you will see, this truck driver is going about a delivery on Jerrara Rd, between Bungonia and South Marulan, last Monday 25 November. In what could quite easily have ended in tragedy, this truck driver, along with the other, were able to use their professional skills to save the life of not only each other, but the driver of the light vehicle pulling the trailer.

Should this have gone wrong, the road toll could quite easily have gone up by another 3 lives.

We take this opportunity to recognise the efforts of these two truck drivers, along with the other 400,000, that will drive through NSW today, in what is no doubt their busy time of the year, leading up to Christmas.

If anyone recognises this vehicle, or can nominate the driver, perhaps reach out to this person, and their family, and have them think about just what might have occurred. Otherwise, send us a private message, we would like to talk to them too!”