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Voluntary euthanasia debate heats up, two sides go head-to-head

Earlier in the week, 104-year-old academic David Goodall flew to Switzerland to end his life through voluntary euthanasia.

Late last night surrounded by close family he took his last breath, ending his life as he believed the quality had deteriorated.

Nationals MP Trevor Khan and Communications Director of the Australian Conservatives Party Lyle Shelton hold very different views on assisted suicide.

Today, they’re going head-to-head.

Mr Shelton says he doesn’t want to see a situation where we “legitimise and normalise suicide”.

“I think that’s the question that the euthanasia movement in Australia has to answer, is this about suicide on demand?

“Palliative care can take care of the pain in the overwhelming majority of situations.”

Mr Khan disagrees, saying the suggestion that voluntary euthanasia normalises suicide is “offensive”.

“[There’s] a subset… of people who are not relieved. Whose incapacity and suffering is so extreme and unbearable that palliative care, of whatever sort, does not relieve their suffering.”

For Mr Shelton, allowing assisted suicide sets a dangerous precedent and is a “slippery slope”.

“Where do you draw the line? What age?”

“Not everyone is involved in a slippery slope,” Mr Khan responds.

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