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Viral video of Scott Morrison ‘the perfect example of fake news’

Natalie Peters & Erin Molan
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A video of the Prime Minister interacting with an RFS volunteer has been labelled “the perfect example of fake news” after it was revealed to be very misleading.

The clip was broadcast by The Project and circulated on social media. It appeared to show RFS volunteer Jacqui rebuking Scott Morrison by saying “he’s not my Prime Minister” as she met him.

She was both lauded and criticised online for the interaction, but the video has now been released in full and tells a very different story.

In the extended clip, Jacqui goes on to explain to Scott Morrison that he isn’t her Prime Minister because she’s English.

Watch the full exchange below

Rita Panahi says it’s “the perfect example of fake news”.

“That is deliberately misleading, that is cutting the clip down to three seconds… to give the impression this woman has just rebuked the Prime Minister.

“I feel terribly sorry for this RFS volunteer Jackie because she has been used and misrepresented deliberately by a major station to push their narrative.”

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Natalie Peters & Erin Molan