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Up-and-coming country music star has a unique connection to Ray

Up-and-coming country music star Rachel Fahim joins Ray live in the studio to perform her latest single ‘Brake Lights’.

Rachel won 2017’s Toyota Star Maker competition in Tamworth, but Ray first heard her sing four years earlier.

Rachel was performing at a charity fundraiser Ray happened to be hosting, and when they got talking, the pair discovered she also worked with his daughter Sarah at McDonald’s.

Years on, the 22-year-old from Sydney is making a name for herself but insists the fame isn’t going to her head.

“We do it for the love of it, it’s not really for the money.

“You’ve got to work hard… You’ve got to start somewhere.”

“It doesn’t matter where you start darling, it’s where you finish,” says Ray.

Listen to the full interview below and to hear Rachel perform her new single, ‘Brake Lights’