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Tony Abbott responds to Coalition’s 27th consecutive Newspoll loss

The latest Newspoll shows the Coalition trails Labor 47-53, two-party preferred, edging closer to the 30 that sent Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott out the door.

Mark Levy speaks with Mr Abbott.

“The idea that you should get rid of people on the basis of a poll, or the basis of 29 polls, is a very dangerous and counterproductive one.

“It was the Prime Minister who made the polls this kind of a test, and really it’s the Prime Minister who has elevated polling into the be-all and end-all.”

The latest Newspoll also shows 65% of voters believe Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce should resign.

On Joyce’s week in the headlines, Mr Abbott says it’s been a distraction.

“There’s been a lot of gossip inside this parliament and right around the country… that’s a very serious distraction.”

He says the government needs to focus on lowering power and housing price pressures and maintaining wage growth.

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