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Tonnes of Aussie pineapples wasted due to factory closure

Tens of thousands of Aussie-grown pineapples are being left to rot because a Golden Circle cannery refused to open.

After a near-perfect season, Queensland farmers grew an unusually large amount of pineapples which are now being left to rot.

Colin Dorber from the Lockyer Valley Fruit and Vegetable Processing Company tells Chris Kenny the wastage is a disgrace.

“The reality is, if Golden Circle had its house in order it would never have allowed this situation to arise.

“It could have and should have processed [the pineapples] into products for the Australian market and the export market.

“There is no logical reason why they couldn’t have operated when the product was available.”

Robert Richardson from NQ Paradise Pines says the cannery should have accounted for the “bumper crop”.

“They decided not to open in the December period when all this fruit was available. They could have alleviated the situation.”

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