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To kiss or not to kiss: Is it time to ban the peck on the cheek?

To peck, air-kiss or shake hands: that is the question.

“There’s nothing more awkward than that moment when you greet somebody and you lean in for a kiss on the cheek but they put out the hand to shake,” says Ben Fordham.

When men greet each other, it’s pretty clear the handshake wins.

But when women greet each other, or when a man greets a woman, the interaction can become more complicated.

Do you go in for a peck on the cheek, an air-kiss or a handshake?

What exactly is the right way to say hello, especially in the workplace?

The Australian Business Review’s Editor-At-Large Alan Kohler is drawing a line in the sand.

No more pecking.

“I think something’s got to be done so I’ve decided, for myself, I’m going to ban the peck.

“I’m just going to put out the hand every time now.”

But where does he stand when it comes to the man-hug?

“I think the manly hug is probably okay for someone you really know well and you haven’t seen in a while.”

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