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Thousands of Australians could be compensated after being scammed online

As many as 3,000 Australians could be able eligible for compensation if they’ve had their money stolen by online scammers.

In the United States, the Department of Justice received a $US586 million settlement out of Western Union, a money transfer organisation, after they admitted to wire fraud.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commision (ACCC) has stated Australian victims of online scams could make claims against Western Union.

Queensland Police Detective Superintendent in charge of financial and cybercrime, Kerry Lawrence, tells Ross Greenwood Australian victims only have until February 12 to submit their claim.

“Since 2014 in November, we’ve had…over 290 people make a complaint about a scam online where they’ve utilised a western union service.

“So extrapolating that out…I can see us going into the thousands quite easily.”

If you think you may have been a victim of an online scam you can find more information on the ACCC website at

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Ross Greenwood