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This listener has a very unique hot chocolate recipe…

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One woman’s journey to find the perfect hot chocolate has got Chris Smith salivating.

Giselle Weybrecht has travelled to 55 countries so far in her quest.


She wants to recreate the hot chocolate her mother would make her when she was growing up in the Dominican Republic.

“We used to use the cocoa powder… and we were allowed to have half a teaspoon of sugar,” says Chris.

“And on a hot summer’s day there was nothing better than a cold Milo, and you’d leave the crunchy bits on the top to float.”

All the chocolate chatter prompted listener David to call in with his take on the perfect hot chocolate.

“I’m sure Susie wouldn’t approve of this.

“Half full cream milk, half cream. You warm that up with a slug of Tia Maria in it. You grate milk chocolate into it to melt – that’s your drink!”

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