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‘This is your taxes at work’: Andrew Bolt slams ABC segment for mocking PM’s religion

The Prime Minister has hit back at an ABC segment that mocked his religious beliefs, saying the national broadcaster can be “numpties” but he’ll “turn the other cheek”.

In a musical skit on Monday’s Tonightly program, comedians Bridie Connell and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd decided to target Scott Morrison’s religion and his past as Immigration Minister.

In the performance, the two jokers sing “you’ve got to love thy neighbour unless they vote Labor or are foreign or gay” and “we love Jesus but not refugees”.

“This is your taxes at work,”Andrew Bolt says.

Andrew tells Chris Smith he isn’t opposed to poking fun at people’s beliefs but says it’s obvious the ABC has a specific agenda.

“I can understand too that you would mock some people for their beliefs. And I think we should live in a society where that is possible.

“I look forward to the first time ever that the ABC will run a song criticising the beliefs of a Muslim, for instance.

“Do you think they’d do that?”

He’s questioning whether a Greens supporter or a “global warming fanatic” would receive the same comedic treatment as our new prime minister.

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Andrew says the tax-payer funded broadcaster is “completely out of order”.

“All we really can devise about this is the ABC is a) against conservatives when it’s supposed to be unbiased.

“And b) ferociously against Christianity.”