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Billionaire breathed life into steel industry, now his sights are set on batteries

Sanjeev Gupta may not be a household name in Australia, but Ross Greenwood says he should be.

The British billionaire and chairman of GFC Alliance is known as the ‘Man of Steel’, with his company Liberty House Group credited for saving tens of thousands of jobs in the UK as the steel industry suffered.

Sanjeev has also breathed life into Australia’s own steel industry but now has his sights set on becoming Australia’s major manufacturer of lithium batteries.

He tells Ross the raw ingredients are here and Australia could be competitive.

“One of the things which I’ve watched with my career, with great amazement, is that Australia did not take the opportunity to become a major steel producer,” he says.

“That’s something I want to try and fix to some degree.”

It doesn’t stop at steel and lithium batteries for Sanjeev.

He also has his sites set on reviving the car industry.

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