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‘They’ve just stopped functioning’: Labor hits out at ‘bizarre’ day in politics

It looks like Canberra could be in some trouble after what’s being described as a ‘bizarre’ day in politics.

Ex-One Nation senator Brian Burston admitted to smearing blood on party leader Pauline Hanson’s office door, he also accused of her sexual harassment.

She then denied the claims, saying “wouldn’t touch him with a bloody barge pole”.

Oh, and her chief of staff was involved in a punch-up with Mr Burston, before having his parliamentary pass taken off him.

The Coalition was also accused of filibustering in an attempt to avoid a vote on establishing a royal commission into the disability sector.

Former Labor deputy leader Anthony Albanese is fed up.

“It’s not government because they’ve stopped governing,” he tells Ross Greenwood.

“The fact that they kept Question Time going for so long, just in order to delay, effectively, what was always going to happen… until Monday… says a lot.

“It’s a ramble, it’s not a government.

“I think the longer it goes, the worse the government looks.”

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