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‘They’re trying to have a publicity stunt’: Farmer reacts to milk levy

Finally, our two biggest supermarkets are taking a step in the right direction to support our struggling dairy farmers.

Following weeks of campaigning for a 10c a litre levy on milk, Woolworths has today announced it will introduce the levy on their own-brand three-litre milk.

“On top of that, they will also release a special range of drought-relief milk with the levy on one and two-litre milk too,” says Ben Fordham.

Coles has also announced it will increase the price of its own-brand three-litre milk by 30c, but won’t be extending the levy on any other bottles.

Dairy Farmer from Dayboro in Queensland, Joe Bradley, tells Ben “I’m a bit bewildered, to be honest with you”.

“I don’t quite understand why it’s only certain ranges… I don’t understand why they’ve come up with this select little group.

“That’s garbage, guys. It’s got to be for everyone on everything so everyone’s treated equally and the farmers can get some real benefit… because this is our one chance.

“It almost seems that they’re trying to have a publicity stunt.”

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