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‘They’re bullies!’, One Nation leader is pulling no punches

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has come out swinging after Labor Senator Doug Cameron called her “the most unstable Senator” he has ever seen.

His comments came after Senator Hanson went back and forth on her stance on the government’s proposed company tax cuts.

She tells Ben Fordham it’s laughable, calling Senator Cameron a “nasty piece of work”.

“Doug Cameron certainly doesn’t know me… really deep down he must know I don’t kowtow to anyone and that’s why I was thrown out of the Liberal party in 1995.

“They are so concerned about the support that I’m getting around the country and pulling a lot of the Labor voters.

“He’s a nasty piece of work, they’re bullies. He’s an absolute bully and so is Senator Murray Watt and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young!

“They are trying to actually intimidate me, bully me, but I take it like a grain of salt. I don’t let it get to me, I’ve got a job to do and I’m doing it.”

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