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These shocking images are a warning about eScooters

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Share bikes are back on our streets, with a new operator entering the market.

They’re called LimeBikes and they’ve already popped up around Sydney.

But Lime don’t just do e-bikes.

They also have scooters and are planning to bring them here too.

Listener Dan was holidaying in America when he had a horrible experience with the Lime scooter, sustaining some nasty injuries in an accident.

He says the app you use to hire the scooters suggest you wear a helmet, but he says he had no idea where to get one.

While riding the scooter, Dan went over a lip in the road and was flung over the handlebars.

It’s left him with seven stitches, a fractured cheek and a fat lip.

Dan tells Ben Fordham the scooters are “convenient” but can be “dangerous”.

“If you’re going to consider using one, think twice and use a helmet.”

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