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There’s a push to drop Brisbane’s CBD speed limit to 30km/h

Last month the NSW Government announced a trial of 40km/h speed limits outside train stations, shopping strips and hospitals in some suburbs.

It came in a bid to tackle increasing rates of pedestrian fatalities.

Today, Brisbane City Council’s Labor Opposition reveals a push for speed limits to be reduced to 30km/h in the CBD following a spate of recent incidents.

“It’s pretty slow,” says Deborah Knight.

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) Head of Public Policy Dr Rebecca Michael tells Deborah they wouldn’t support a blanket reduction.

“We would consider, on a case by case basis, looking at a reduction, particularly for those areas where there’s high pedestrian or high cyclist activity.

“Most important, we’re keen not to rush towards a solution before we really understand what the problem is we’re actually addressing.”

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Deborah Knight