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‘There was just no empathy’: Mother of suicidal veteran breaks down on-air

The mother of an Afghanistan veteran has told Steve Price just how difficult it was to get help from the government for her suicidal son.

Sharon says she spent months trying to get her 45-year-old son, who has a wife and three little boys, into a mental health facility.

She says her family received “no help” from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

“The hoops you had to jump through… they provided taxis for him to get to places but because he was a suicide risk someone had to be with him all the time.

“There was just no empathy.”

Although she’s now managed to get him into a facility two hours away from his family, she says the whole experience was incredibly frustrating.

“We prayed that we’d get him home safe, never thinking that 10 years later he’d want to take his own life.

“We didn’t know who to turn to. The hospital system, each time he had an episode he was sent home again.

“It’s just scarred everybody. It’s changed our lives forever.”

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Steve Price was horrified by the story but says it’s an unfortunately common experience.

“We pour billions, not millions, into the DVA and they can’t get off their backside to help people like that?!”


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