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‘The world has gone crazy’: Legendary Aussie athlete Raelene Boyle slams IOC

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Legendary Australian athlete Raelene Boyle has slammed the International Olympic Committee (IOC), saying “the world has gone crazy”.

Boyle “was the fastest drug-free female sprinter of her time” according to the Australian Olympic Committee historian Harry Gordon but never won a gold medal.

She had to settle for three silvers, after twice finishing beyond an East German athlete who was later found to have doped throughout her career.

But when Boyle recently questioned IOC President Thomas Bach about correcting the history books, she was shut down.

Boyle tells Alan Jones she holds no ill feeling towards the athletes, she just wants the records corrected.

“Taking those medals back from the East Germans isn’t going to prove anything.

“Just give the rest of us something that indicates that we did better than we thought they did.”

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The three-time Olympian has also hit out at the handling of the Caster Semenya situation.

The IOC isn’t publicly backing a decision to ban the South African from competing, saying it’s “extremely complicated and delicate”.

Boyle says, “I still have to speak my mind because I’m not going to lie down and die.”

“The South African athlete basically is a bloke, they’ve just come up with this new genetic makeup which makes her part woman, part man.

“The world has gone crazy.”