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The Whiffenpoofs: A 109yo tradition that is music to our ears

For the past 109 years, a group of young men have met at the Yale University pub every week to have a drink and sing a song.

That group is now the world’s oldest a capella singing group, The Whiffenpoofs.

Started in 1909 by five friends, the Whiffenpoofs have developed into a world-renown organisation that tours the world.

And they still meet, every week, in the Yale University pub – Mory’s Temple Bar.

At the end of every performance, they sing The Whiffenpoofs Song, a tune that has now been covered by the likes of Rudy Vallée, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong and countless others.

The Whiffenpoofs are in Australia touring and join Alan Jones in the studio to explain the remarkable tradition and, of course, to sing a song.

They explain it’s a one-year posting, with all 14 singers replaced each and every year.

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