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The Weekend Edition live from The Australian Open Golf

Erin and John are broadcasting live from the 103rd Emirates Australian Open.

After a very windy and rainy couple of days, the sun’s come out for the 3rd round of the competition.

And while there’s been some criticism of this year’s competition, as many of the “big names” haven’t been able to make it, it’s been a great opportunity for younger players to have a shot.

Golf Australia’s High Performance Manager, Cameron Vincent, tells Erin and John, golf is a lot tougher than what a lot of people think:

And something not many people realise, is that this year’s Australian Open is historic, because in a golfing world first, disabled players have taken equal billing.

One of the All-Abilities competitors is Juan Postigo, from Spain. Juan is an amputee, but doesn’t use a prosthetic when playing, balancing on just one leg when teeing off.

Another stand out competitor is Aussie Cameron Percy. He opens up to John about just how tough it is in the golfing world. He’s been living in the US for around a decade now, and he needs to make at least $300,000 each year simply to break even.

He’s had a great run this Australian Open, but he tells John about the moment he thought he’d completely stuffed it up…

When you come to The Lakes, it’s not JUST golfers that you’ll see…because Erin and John bumped into none other than Australian TV icon, Kerri-Anne Kennerley! And while she’s happy to see the sport she loves become more appealing and accommodating to fans, she says there’s still a long way to go.