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The Thai cave rescue left Andrew Bolt ‘cold’

Deborah Knight
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The 12 boys and their soccer coach who were rescued after being trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand are recovering in hospital.

The group, a youth soccer team named the Wild Boars, became trapped inside the cave system on June 23 after heavy rains caused flooding.

More than 90 divers, hundreds of volunteers, the army and police were involved in the recovery effort.

It was an arduous and dangerous mission, one that cost the life of former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan.

But before the final four boys and their coach had been rescued, movie makers were already on the ground.

Andrew Bolt says he turned cold when he heard Hollywood was involved before everyone was safe and sound.

“That just leaves me cold, it really does,” he tells Deborah Knight.

“I can understand they sniff money in the air and they’ll probably go on interviews and say, ‘look this is a moment that we’ve got to remember and be inspired by.’

“But… I just think the sniff of the dollar is exactly not what that thing was about. If we’re going to see a film, let it be a real one. As in splice together the footage that the rescuers themselves took.”

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Deborah Knight