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The Prime Minister reveals what President Trump is really like in candid interview

In the wake of his official visit to the White House, the Prime Minister has revealed what he really thinks about US President Donald Trump.

Scott Morrison discussed a wide range of topics in an in-depth interview with Ray Hadley, including the situation in northern Syria, drought, and national security.

He reveals he considers President Trump to be an honest man who can be taken at face value.

“What you see is what you get. He’s a very straight-up sort of guy.

“He’s very clear about what the position of the United States is, but he’s also very clear, particularly in Australia’s case, about how much he genuinely values and appreciates the relationship with Australia.

“He respects people who stump up and carry their own weight.”

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In the wake of heavy criticism about his response to the drought, the Prime Minister also discussed everything he’s done to help our farmers.

He insists his government has helped tremendously but is limited in what they can do.

“I wish and have prayed that it would rain by now, but it hasn’t.

“Things like fodder subsidies and freight subsidies… those are things handled by the state governments.”

Mr Morrison has also revealed why his government refused to support Pauline Hanson’s inquiry to investigate the price paid to dairy farmers for their milk.

He says they are already setting up a mandatory dairy code of conduct which will give farmers greater power in negotiating with wholesalers.

“That will be standing up at the start of next year.

“Let’s get this one in place and if we need to do more, well let’s do more.”

But he says dramatically increasing the price of milk is probably not the answer.

“People want a floor price of $2.50 per litre on milk. That’s twice the price of milk today.

“That’s a pretty serious increase in the price for people who are doing it tough around the country.”


Image: Dustin Franz/Bloomberg via Getty Images