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The new app waking up motorists to poor driving habits

Deborah Knight

A new app is shocking motorists by rating their driving ability.

The UbiCar app uses world-leading technology to rate how drivers perform on our roads, measuring everything from speed and phone distraction.

With traffic accidents killing 225 Australians last year, Deborah Knight says there’s no doubt our nation has a serious driving problem.

This app could go a long way in waking up Aussie motorists, pointing out where improvements are needed.

Carolyn Batterton from UbiCar says the app isn’t just for young people, it’s “absolutely relevant for every driver”.

“It will help you with your driving, tell you where you need to improve and basically makes you safer on the roads,” she tells Deborah.

When it comes to improving safety on our roads, speeding and phone distraction often take centre stage.

But Caroline says there’s another area needing attention.

“Interestingly we’re seeing that cornering is a big problem.

“We know that round a fifth of all fatal accidents take place on or around corners. We’re really seeing that as being a problem.”

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