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‘The listeners at 2GB are so fabulous’, Deb Knight chats with Ben Fordham

Ben Fordham wants to give a big congratulations to Deborah Knight.

Apart from being a mum to three kids, Deb, for the last three weeks has been filling in for the Chris Smith Show in the afternoons.

“And may I say she’s done a wonderful job,” says Ben.

On top of that, she’s also been doing the Today Show in the mornings, as well as reading the 6pm news on Friday and Saturday nights.

And just because she has so much spare time, she also has her own podcast.

“Deb Knight, how are you still standing?”

“Oh Benny Fordham, because I love what I do, isn’t that what we always say!

“My husband has been suggesting that I perhaps learn the power of the word ‘no’…”

Ben shares his own words of wisdom given to him by his father.

“My dad said to me once, they’ll be many times in your career when no one wants a bar of you, so while everyone wants you, you may as well just say yes.”

Deborah tells Ben she’s thankful for the three-week stint.

“The listeners at 2GB are so fabulous and so welcoming.”

Listen to the chat in full below