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‘The final chapter in a long seven years’: End of an era for violent Brothers 4 Life gang

A landmark sentence handed down at The Downing Centre District Court in Sydney’s CBD signals the end of an era, and a major win for police.

Mohammad Kalal became the last member of the Blacktown chapter of the Brothers 4 Life gang to be locked up.

He was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years on three charges relating to two shootings, including one where a 14-year-old girl was hurt.

It was a big moment for police, who’ve spent seven years dismantling the gang.

The woman who led the charge is Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace of NSW Police’s Gang Squad Commander.

“This has been, probably, the final chapter in a long seven years through the dedication and tenacity of some amazing investigators.

She tells Chris Smith the gang was “highly violent and quite unsophisticated”.

“To us, that even more dangerous to the community because they lack the discipline that you would say, more organised crime groups might have.”

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