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The Big Guns weigh in: Does Sydney need two new stadiums?

It appears Sydney-siders have spoken, with 58.9% of polled voters opposing the government’s new plan to knock-down and rebuild Allianz and ANZ Stadiums.

With just 25% in favour of the redevelopment, which could cost over $2 billion, is the Premier being too bold?

The Big Guns Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson weigh in.

“I think the politics are against going ahead even though I think there’s a reasonable case for going ahead,” Graham tells Ben Fordham.

“If you want the big events you’ve got to have the stadia that will accommodate them.”

Andrew agrees there are more pressing priorities.

“We’ve had living standards flat or going down for about six years now and it seems to me rather an indulgence to be talking about yet another stadium when there already are two.”

The Big Guns also gave their thoughts on the Batman by-election, with Labor candidate Ged Kearney emerging victorious with 54% of the vote.

“It was a battle between the left and the very left,” Andrew says.

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