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The Big Guns take aim at ‘soft’ Barnaby Joyce tell-all interview

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The Big Guns have taken aim at Barnaby Joyce’s tell-all interview, questioning where all the follow-up questions disappeared to.

Last night, the former deputy prime minister and his partner Vikki Campion gave a paid interview, talking about their affair and the birth of their baby Sebastian.

Graham Richardson and Paul Murray tell Ben Fordham Mr Joyce wasn’t pressed on the issues that concern the public.

“This was the softest interview you could possibly imagine,” Graham says.

“I found the whole thing terribly disappointing because he answered nothing.”

Paul notes the issue isn’t about the couple’s relationship, but whether the member for New England was being honest with his constituents during last year’s by-election.

“It is absolutely vital, not to a timeline but to accountability… about whether he was willing to tell the truth when he was reapplying for his job.”

During the interview, Vikki also revealed there were “conservative” people within the parliament who attempted to pressure her into aborting the pregnancy. A revelation, Paul says, warranted probing.

“When she turned around and said people in the parliament suggested that there should be an abortion, how does that not get a follow-up question? Who? Which side? The government?

“How does that not get a follow-up question?”

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