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The Big Guns are back: ‘Those idiots led by the Greens can get nicked’

The Big Guns are back in 2018 and they’re not holding back.

Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson join Ben Fordham to talk about the ‘change the date’ debate and whether the Turnbull government will topple in 2018.

Andrew says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will lose an election if one is held this year.

“I don’t see much hope politically for us, to be honest.

“We have got a political system that is unable to deliver us the solution we need. The political system is stuffed.”

Graham agreed, saying Mr Turnbull’s biggest woe is the NBN.

“Malcolm’s got to try and fix up some problems before he goes to an election. The NBN is a massive problem. It’s been…like Malcolm, a great disappointment.”

When Ben asked about the ‘change the date’ debate, Graham pulled no punches.

“History is history. You can’t rewrite history. It is what it is. I’m not ashamed to be who I am or where I’ve come from. I don’t see why anybody should be.

“And I don’t see why we shouldn’t celebrate what is a wonderful country and a wonderful culture.

“As far as I’m concerned all those idiots led by the Greens and Di Natale…can get nicked.”

Andrew says people would protest Australia Day no matter what date it was on.

“There’s this hatred of things that are white or male or European. Nothing will fix this unless we come to our senses.”

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