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The Bearded Bakers join Chris for a big announcement

It’s been three years since the Bearded Bakers graced Chris Smith’s studio.

The boys behind Knafeh, one of the Middle East’s most iconic desserts, are back with a big announcement.

But anyone who has seen the Bearded Bakers in action will know it’s a lot more than just Knafeh, it’s the spontaneity of Middle Eastern culture, food and music.

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One part of the team AJ El-Issa tells Chris it’s nothing out of the ordinary for them.

“Our culture’s all about music and people and food and entertaining, so everything we do at Knafeh is just what we’d normally do when you come to our home.”

But the reason AJ joins Chris isn’t just to share baked goods, it’s to announce a special fundraising event happening this Sunday.

Noah’s First Birthday will raise funds for the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Good friend of AJ’s, Sabrina, was nine months pregnant when she received the devasting news her unborn child would need a blood transfusion.

Sabrina, who had lost a child before Noah when she was six months pregnant, is so grateful to the Fetal Medical Department

“They pretty much saved my son’s life.

“To celebrate we wanted to give back to the Fetal Medicine Department.

“This is when I reached out to AJ and he absolutely loved the idea.”

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Details for Noah’s Birthday Bash:

The Birthday Bash will start from 7.30pm Sunday 29 July

33-43 Redmayne Rd, Horsley Park