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‘That’s not true’: Ray Hadley blasts Premier for telling lies

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“There’s no other way to call this, other than the Premier lied.”

Ray Hadley has called out Premier Gladys Berejiklian for lying about Zoe’s Law.

Zoe’s Law is designed to recognise the life of an unborn child killed or harmed in a criminal act.

As the law stands, the death of an unborn baby is listed in with the mother’s injuries.

Ray has repeatedly campaigned for changes to the law, along with parents who have lost their unborn babies in tragic circumstances.

Just yesterday, devastated father Bronko Hoang who lost his wife, his unborn twins and his sister in a horrific crash, released a heartbreaking statement to Ray.

Multiple senior ministers have since come out in support of Zoe’s Law, including Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Minister for Women Tanya Davies.

But the Premier wants to wait until after the next election to introduce the law, saying the legislation doesn’t offer protection to women who were pro-choice.

Ray is calling her out, saying she’s “telling untruths about the legislation”.

“There’s no other way to call this other than the Premier lied,” says Ray.

“She said the legislation did not offer protection to women who were pro-choice. That’s not true.

“This latest bill… has amendments that would provide for what Gladys Berejiklian is talking about.

“Either she hasn’t read the amendments or she’s telling porkies.”

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The bill was only very briefly debated yesterday and is unlikely to be passed this year with just three days of parliament remaining.

And Ray isn’t happy about the Premier’s lack of action.

“We’ve had no leadership on this from Gladys Berejiklian,” says Ray.

“In my opinion, Gladys Berejiklian should hang her head in shame.”