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‘That’s completely put to bed now’: Tracy Grimshaw grateful for big change in TV

Tracy Grimshaw has been on our TV screens for more than 35 years now, she’s a constant in the lives of Australians all over the country.

When you turn on the tele at 7pm each night you can be sure Tracy will be looking back at you, fighting for battlers, conducting huge interviews and giving you the latest news.

Now, for the first time, the A Current Affair host has been nominated for the Gold Logie, TV’s highest award.

Tracy joins Ray Hadley in the studio ahead of Sunday’s awards ceremony on the Gold Coast, saying “it’s a great honour”.

“We don’t come to work for the awards but gee it’s nice to get recognition.”

The Channel 9 icon promised Ray she’s got no plans to retire anytime soon and is amazed at how far the industry has come for a woman of her age to remain on camera.

“When I started in television it was 37 years ago, I was 21, it was 1981.

“I don’t think age has been a factor really for blokes but it was a factor for women when I started and I think definitely now it is not.

“There’s no shortage of women now on-air who are 50+ and when I started you were old in television at 30.

“If you were a woman you were out the door by 40 so that’s completely put to bed now.”

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You can vote for Tracy to win the Gold Logie HERE

She’s up against Amanda Keller, Grant Denyer, Jessica Marais, Rodger Corser and Andrew Winter.



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