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Father of teenage Bass Hill hostage victim praises efforts of police

An armed woman has been arrested after allegedly assaulting and robbing a teenage girl before trapping her inside a Bass Hill police station.

The teenager had just gotten off her school bus when she was approached by the woman, who allegedly held a knife to her throat while walking her inside the police station.

The woman eventually dropped the knife and released the girl after negotiations with officers, police say.

The father of the teenage girl called Ben Fordham to thank the police officers involved.

“I’d like to thank the incredible team at Bass Hill police station for the way they acted yesterday and for the aftercare we’ve had since the incident.”

He says his daughter is holding up well considering the circumstances.

“She’s a tough little cookie and we’re just so proud of the way she handled everything yesterday.”

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Acting Superintendent Brad Thorne shares the details of the incident with Ben.

“It was over and done with very quickly once inside the police station. The officer did a very good job.

“[The teenage girl] she’s quite shaken by it. Her family have been looking after her since then.”

The woman was arrested and has been charged with multiple offences.

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