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Sydney to be shut down this weekend by ASEAN summit

Steve Price

Sydney residents who’ll be impacted by the ASEAN summit are yet to be advised about security measures, because the arrangements haven’t been finalised.

Heads of state are expected to join 500 Australian business leaders this weekend at the biggest event to be held in Sydney since the 2007 APEC summit.

Under the temporary measures covering the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, NSW Police will be given increased powers to search people and vehicles without a warrant, ask people to leave the area and ban drones.

Roads can be closed for up to three days and vehicles may be removed if they pose a safety risk or obstruction.

Police Minister Troy Grant tells Steve residents will be notified as soon as possible.

“The powers, we need to get approved by the executive council.

“So whilst we’re announcing them and forecasting this is coming, the actual laws being introduced won’t occur until tomorrow morning.

“We need to secure that, we don’t preempt what the executive council will do.”

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