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Sydney parking signs are leaving drivers dazed and confused

Chris Kenny

Parking signs in the CBD are leaving drivers confused, with many having to fork out for hefty fines despite trying to do the right thing. 

NRMA is pushing city council officials to review the labyrinth of signs which “take a uni degree to work out”.

 Chris Kenny speaks with NRMA Spokesperson Peter Khoury.

“This is an issue our members have raised with us on a number of occasions.

“People who are getting out of their cars, checking the signs, wanting to do the right thing, they think they’ve got it right and they get back to the car and they’ve been fined.

“There are too many signs in Sydney that are way too confusing.

“It’s as if the council and government, upon looking at every option that was available to them, chose the most confusing.”

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