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Supermarket drought levy is progress but we’ve got ‘further to go’, Agriculture Minister says

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The Federal Agriculture Minister says progress has been made but there’s more work to be done to help our farmers, after two grocery giants committed to increasing the price of milk today.

Woolworths and Coles have listened to public pressure and have implemented levies to assist dairy farmers crippled by drought.

Woolies took the plunge this morning, introducing 10 cent levy on their supermarket brand three-litre milk.

Next month, they’ll also introduce a special range of drought relief milk, which adds a levy to one, two and three-litre milk.

Coles have also added a levy, but only to their three-litre variety.

German supermarket giant Aldi is yet to make a move.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud tells Ben Fordham we’re seeing progress but more needs to be done.

“I’ve just had Lion, who are a processor, advise me they’ll be putting 10 cents back to their growers for their branded milk. That’s for the Pura and Dairy Farmers brand.

“We’re seeing some dominos, but Aldi are still holding out. They’ve basically come back to us and said we’re not really interested in doing it at all.

“Really, we’ve come some way but we’ve still got a little bit further to go.”

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Minister Littleproud says he’s still seeking clarification from Coles to make sure their levy will be hitting the farm gate.

“In their release, they’re giving the 10 cents back to the NFF (National Farmers’ Federation) and then back to drought-stricken farmers.

“It doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s specifically going back to dairy farmers.”

Mr Littleproud has also thanked Ben Fordham for continuing to the push the issue of adding a drought levy.