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Supercar drivers flee Victoria ahead of border closure

Victorian motor racers are among the sports stars making a last-minute dash to the NSW border, before it’s too late.

V8 Supercar driver David Reynolds told Jim Wilson he had little warning, and was told to get out of the state ASAP.

“The boys were working on the car; they had to frantically pack the truck.”

Luckily for Mr Reynolds, he and his girlfriend were able to flee just across the border to his mother’s home in Albury.

“I brought some washing too, like any good son,” he laughed.

However, the decision to leave was much harder for team members forced to leave their families behind.

“They had to make … very, very decisive quick plans to leave their family at home indefinitely.

“Could be a month, couple be two months. We don’t really know.”

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Image: Getty Images/Handout