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Steve Price blasts public service bosses stuck in the Canberra ‘bubble’

Steve Price is calling for the public service to move out of the Canberra ‘bubble’ after the Prime Minister insisted there be a greater focus on the “quiet Australians”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned public servants must focus on the “quiet Australians” and look beyond the Canberra ‘bubble’ in an address to the Institute of Public Administration in the country’s capital.

“I’m a great supporter of spreading out the public service, have it all around the country, go to Bathurst and go to regional Australia.

“When you go there [Canberra] you get a sense that you are in a town living off the backs of taxpayers, it’s got the best of everything.”

Rita Panahi agrees, telling Steve Price the head public service offices should be spread out around the country.

“It just puts them in touch with a wider circle of people, real Australia… out of that bubble that is quite often so divorced from reality.

“The public service, I think is a big part of the problem.”

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