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South China Sea battle lost, but our prosperity is guaranteed, says Senator Molan

Liberal Senator Jim Molan is confident the battle for control over the South China sea has been lost. 

It’s been suggested, war would be the only thing capable of dislodging Chinese forces from the string of islands.

Molan joins Chris Smith and says,”the building that has gone on in the islands in the South China sea and now, unfortunately, fortifying and militarizing them has produced a situation where they are very solid in those areas.”

Senator Molan was quick to deny that he thinks war is inevitable, however he suggests the West is acting too slowly when it comes to international situations like this.

While there is concern for Australia’s trade relations, Molan says Australia’s prosperity is assured by the security guarantee the United States provides.

“The United States represents the centre-pole of our defence policy and I believe that is absolutely true.”

Smithy’s All Star Jim Molan talking all things South China sea, can be heard in full below. 

On the topic of MH17, Molan says there needs to be consequences for Russia not accepting or apologizing for its role in shooting down the aircraft.

Senator Molan says as a country they’ve got to grow up, “If they’re going to join the community of nations, they’ve got to start taking responsibility for their actions.”

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